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Vertx Tourist Sling Bag: A Traveler’s CCW Pack

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Amazon Listing Name: Vertx Tourist Pack Sling Crossbody, 6l Small Molle Bags for Travel, Work, Outdoor, Utility Tactical Gear

Hello, thanks for stopping by! Today’s CCW sling bag is the Vertx Tourist Sling Bag as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now. I’m Sun Jae, your host at Saber’s Carry, and I’ll be sharing my personal thoughts and opinions about this concealed carry pack.

Are you traveling or looking to carry some extra things on your trip? Specifically, want a mini bug-out bag? If you’re like me, you’re looking to conceal carry comfortably while staying inconspicuous.

I will admit, carrying IWB (inside the waistband) will most likely be the quicker option, but there are other factors like comfort and storage to consider.

So that’s where the Vertx Tourist Sling comes in! Vertx does an amazing job of balancing practicality and discretion in their concealed carry bags. This one’s no exception and let’s dive into why I think this sling bag is worth checking out.

Quick Rundown: The Vertx Tourist Sling Bag

At a Glance
General Specs10.5″ H x 12.25″ W x 4.5″ D; 6 liters; 1.7 lbs
MaterialBonded nylon thread
Gun CompatibilityWill accept full-sized handguns with attachments/optics and compatible with Velcro
Option(s)6 different color options
Notable FeaturesConverts to chest rig, Rapid Access Pull tab, accepts ballistic panels, tablet pouch, 3-D molded foam back panel, multiple Tactigami (hook and loop/Velcro) compatible loop panels
Price$$ (Middle of the road pricing)

While we’re here, go see some of the Vertx Tactigami Pack/Sling Accessories that are compatible with this CCW sling pack. Don’t worry though, other hook and loop/Velcro accessories work just fine too.

For more ideas about my favorite concealed carry sling bags, I recommend checking out my post on CCW sling bags here.

One last recommendation, if Vertx Tourist Sling isn’t quite the full-sized messenger bag you need, I want to refer you to the Vertx Dead Letter Sling. Alternate link for the Dead Letter.

Overall Impressions & Build

Front of Vertx Tourist Sling CCW Bag
16.9 fl. oz. (500 mL) water bottle/ inches on measuring tape
Backside 3-D molded foam panel of Vertx Tourist Sling
The 3D molded foam panel also features a luggage pass-through behind it.

As someone who appreciates both style and utility, I was immediately drawn to the Vertx Tourist Sling Bag. This compact yet versatile bag has been designed to cater to the essential carry needs of users while maintaining a sleek and discreet appearance.

It’s worth noting that the bag’s design allows it to swiftly transform from a traditional carry bag to a chest rig should the situation call for it. Ballistic panel not included.

Simply cinch the shoulder strap shorter (while wearing the bag) and then buckle the waist straps around your waist.

Side profile of empty Vertx Tourist Sling

Plus, I can attest to its durability, thanks to the high-quality material used in its construction. The bag is made with weather-resistant fabric, ensuring that your belongings stay protected even in unfavorable weather conditions.

With its compact size and comfortable fit, it’s ideal for navigating crowded urban areas without feeling too weighed down.

Also, I found out the rubbery, grippy part of the Vertx Tourist Sling is a grab handle to help you manipulate the bag.

Vertx Tourist Sling laying down with Glock 19
Glock 19

Lastly, the Vertx Tourist Sling Bag is compact in size, making it ideal for everyday carry. It offers a 6-liter storage capacity, suitable for holding most essential items without feeling bulky or cumbersome.

As I mentioned, its discreet appearance allows you to easily integrate the bag into your wardrobe. I’d call it a practical and stylish option for urban living.

Speaking of discreet, check out my review of the Prepared Citizen Classic, an average looking backpack with CCW in mind.!

The Concealed Carry Compartment

Vertx Tourist Sling concealed carry compartment
The concealed carry compartment measures 9.5″H x 12.5″W x 1″D

In the CCW compartment, you get a nice, wide open space with loop lining. The Rapid Access Pull tab actually performs as well as advertised. With some weight/items inside the bag, you can pull open the compartment one-handed easily enough.

But feel free to use the grab handle and/or both your hands for more confidence when drawing. It’s easier that way.

Vertx Tourist Sling accepts ballistic panels

On the side with the 3D molded foam, there’s an additional hard foam insert behind the loop lining. In the opposite side, I found a couple plastic dividers in place of where you might insert a ballistic panel.

I could be wrong, you could place the ballastic panel in the compartment adjacent to this one.

That said, Vertx provides plenty of space for customization, which in turn allows for bigger handguns and more storage here.

Kimber R7 Mako & Tisas Carry 1911

Kimber R7 Mako and Tisas 1911 Carry in Vertx Tourist Sling
Pictured for demonstration/size reference purposes.

Ideally, you may want to angle the placement of your piece vertically for a quick and easy draw. As you can see, you can easily fit two handguns if that’s how you want to roll.

Sadly, no Velcro holsters or accessories comes with your purchase of the Vertx Tourist Sling.

Glock 19 & Canik TP9Sfx

Glock 19, Canik TP9Sfx, and Ruger LCP Max in CCW compartment of Vertx Tourist Sling
Ruger LCP Max (.380 Auto) on the left

The key takeaway here is that the Tourist Sling bag let’s you conceal carry most pistols out there. Just remember to look for a good holster that’s compatible.

More importantly, this Vertx concealed carry bag functions exceptionally well when drawing your firearm in a hurry.

Extra Details & Features

Rapid Access Pull tab, zippers, and sling of Vertx Tourist Sling

Down to the nitty-gritty, Vertx claims “YKK self-repairing nylon coil zippers” and “quiet positive-grip zipper pull-tabs”on this bag.

Does that translate to real life performance? Maybe not quite as impressive as it sounds on paper, but yes. The CCW compartment zippers are oversized yet smooth in operation… lockable too!

The corners of the sling bag are rounded to prevent snagging and hassle free opening. While the handles are plastic, they’re easy to grab and don’t look out of place.

waist strap and shoulder strap of Vertx Tourist Sling
I didn’t bother too much with the waist straps, but utilizing it will help with stability.

The waist straps and shoulder straps all feature retention bands so you can tidy up loose ends.

Additionally, the buckles are quite sturdy, producing a satisfying, positive click too. They are a decent upgrade from the run-of-the-mill buckles you’ll find on other bags.

Vertx Tourist Sling for concealed carry off-body

The foam back panel feels a tad too firm for my taste, but it’s still cool and pliable when you push on the foam. If anything, it’s built to last, not trying to imitate memory foam.

Also, don’t forget about the Velcro ID patch at the bottom of the front panel.

Main Pocket and Other Storage

13" Chromebook and 1911 in Vertx Tourist Sling
13″ Chromebook pictured. It doesn’t fit inside the designated tablet pocket

Inside the main compartment, you’re greeted with the same light-gray interior which “improves internal visibility” and sports a loop facing for hook and loop accessories.

The tablet pouch isn’t plush or padded very well, but it is secured with a Velcro strap. The internal nylon-like fabric feels high-quality and won’t be scratching your screen though.

EDC items inside main compartment of Vertx Tourist Sling

The main compartment does extend out if you need the extra space, but be careful, the bottom of the space isn’t padded.

My tourniquet kit and first aid kit can comfortably fit inside, but the bag would end up being noticeably bulky. That’s just the nature of these compact sling bags.

front compartment with admin panel inside Vertx Tourist Sling

Finally, the front compartment provides that extra bit of organization you need in life. The five admin slots are also looped lined in case you need to slap on an accessory there too.

There’s a short key lanyard inside of the zippered abrasion-resistant mesh pocket and that’ll wrap up all of the pockets in the Vertx Tourist Sling pack!

What Fits Inside the Vertx Tourist Sling?

front alternate view of Vertx Tourist Sling with Glock 19
Glock 19 | Items are packed inside but the bag did look top heavy. Could’ve been just me.
Vertx Tourist Sling with items inside of it
Vertx Sling Bag maybe a little more than half full

Carrying the sling bag was comfortable, thanks to its design that enables even weight distribution across my shoulder. But I personally wouldn’t bog down the bag with too many things. It’s only resting on one shoulder unless you’re using it as a chest rig.

example of everyday carry loadout that fits inside the Vertx Tourist Sling

With it’s messenger style storage and admin pouch featuring slots for pens, lights, or folding knives, you’ll find this bag ideal for organizing and carrying your EDC and more.

Pictured above are some items I threw inside of the Tourist Sling. All those things and some space was still left over.

Comfort over longer periods of time was passable, but I wouldn’t wear it for a camping trip. But it’s flexible enough maybe for a ride on a bike.

Parting Words

In conclusion, the bag’s functionality doesn’t stop at its aesthetic and storage capabilities. It’s designed to seamlessly blend into day-to-day settings while still providing you with street-smart features.

With easy access and an efficient one-shoulder carry, the Vertx Tourist Sling Bag is perfect for those looking for a go-bag that can keep up with a dynamic lifestyle.

Furthermore, the zippers and stitching are all of excellent quality, providing me with confidence in the bag’s long-lasting durability.

As always, don’t forget to practice your draw with this off-body CCW option. Remember you’re also responsible for everything you own and practice safe carrying techniques.

Until next time,

Sun Jae

P.S. Want a CCW waist bag that’s cheaper and smaller? Here’s the LarKoo Tactical Waist bag.

By Sun Jae Kim

Proud to CCW off-body and AIWB.
Kimber R7 Mako
Just a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry.
Currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.
University of North Texas Alumni

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