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SOG Surrept 04 CS Waist Pack: A Lightweight CCW Solution

Amazon Listing Name: SOG unisex adult Traveling Surrept 04 CS Waistpack Charcoal, GRAY, Surrept US In today’s world, having a reliable and versatile waist pack like the SOG Surrept 04 CS can make a significant difference for individuals who value practicality, functionality, and discretion. Here at Saber’s Carry, we’ll take a closer look at the […]

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Amazon Review: SOG Ninja Tactical Daypack Backpack

Amazon Listing Name: SOG Specialty Knives & Tools SOG Ninja Tactical Daypack Backpack, Olive Drab Green, One Size No matter the day or special occasion, you just need a beater. What do I mean by beater? Something for everyday use, something meant to be exploited but trusted, and really something you turn to for most […]

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The Top Discreet EDC Packs from SOG (Off-Body Carry)

Are you in need of a discreet EDC pack? You’re not alone. Everyday Carry (EDC) packs are designed to be practical and functional for your daily needs, but sometimes we all need something that is more stealthy and inconspicuous. At the same time, off-body carry packs can be used for anything from carrying concealed items […]