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SOG Surrept 04 CS Waist Pack: A Lightweight CCW Solution

Amazon Listing Name: SOG unisex adult Traveling Surrept 04 CS Waistpack Charcoal, GRAY, Surrept US In today’s world, having a reliable and versatile waist pack like the SOG Surrept 04 CS can make a significant difference for individuals who value practicality, functionality, and discretion. Here at Saber’s Carry, we’ll take a closer look at the […]

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Best Waist Packs for Concealed Carry on Amazon

*Updated 4/5/2023 by Sun Jae Kim Finding the perfect waist pack for concealed carry can be difficult. With different styles and sizes, it’s hard to know which one will work best for you. However, waist packs are an excellent way to carry concealed (if you can get over how it makes you look). One of […]

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Best Fanny Pack for Concealed Carry Cont’d

Hey there! Looking for some inspiration or starting a search for the best fanny pack for concealed carry? You’re in the right place. Frankly, it’s hard to recommend just ONE CCW fanny pack when there are hundreds of options… So, here at Saber’s Carry, I’ll do my best to point you towards the best options […]

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Lightweight CCW Waist Pack: LAPG Frunk

Amazon Listing Name: LAPG Frunk Waist Pack, Cross-Body Bag, Tactical Fanny Pack with Removable Holster and Inner Organization – Midnight Good morning! Also, in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! This time around, let’s take an in-depth look on LAPG’s Frunk Waist Pack for concealed carry (or plain ol’ […]

Budget CCW Bags Compact Bags Discreet Fanny Pack Waist Packs

Concealed Carry Waist Bag: LarKoo Tactical

Amazon Listing Name: Concealed Carry Pistol Waist Bag – LarKoo Tactical Conceal Carry Pistol Bag Fanny Packs Handgun Holster Pouch with Bottle&Gun Holder Fits 1911 Glock etc Sometimes, less is more and that’s that. Is it the case with the LarKoo concealed carry waist bag? Will this budget CCW fanny pack make for a decent […]