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Best Concealed Carry Hobo Purse (2023)

Hello and welcome! I’m Sun Jae, your host for going over a list of the best concealed carry hobo purse(s) you can find online. Somehow, I’ve managed to narrow down my favorite contenders for the best hobo bag to just SIX options. Honestly, there’s quite a few out there… Today, I’ve made sure to include […]

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Travelon Concealed Carry Slim Bag: A Subtle Purse

Amazon Listing Name: Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Slim Bag, Black, 7.75 x 9.25 x 2.25 Welcome! Glad to have you here. I’m Sun Jae with Saber’s Carry with another in-depth review of a worthy off-body concealed carry bag. This time, it’s the Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry slim bag. Usually, I go out in search of […]

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Best Concealed Carry Backpack Purse List of 2022

Finding a decent concealed carry backpack purse can be quite the challenge online, right? At the very least, that’s what I found out when scouring the marketplace for some of the best CCW backpack purses! That’s why I’ve compiled a short and simple list of some worthy contenders. Also, nice to meet you! I’m Sun […]