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Best Concealed Carry Sling Bag List of 2023

Today, I’ll be your host for going over a list of the best concealed carry sling bag(s) on the market! Speaking from experience, there is an overwhelming amount of sling packs to research and choose from for an ideal off-body CCW. Maybe you’re not too comfortable with the idea of carrying a pistol in the […]

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The Best Fanny Pack Concealed Carry List

Welcome, nice to meet you! I’m Sun Jae with Saber’s Carry, your guide and host while you’re here looking for a concealed carry fanny pack. With all the options out there on the market, I’ve narrowed down all of the best CCW waist packs to my favorite six. Besides, you don’t want to mess around […]

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Travelon Concealed Carry Slim Bag: A Subtle Purse

Amazon Listing Name: Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Slim Bag, Black, 7.75 x 9.25 x 2.25 Welcome! Glad to have you here. I’m Sun Jae with Saber’s Carry with another in-depth review of a worthy off-body concealed carry bag. This time, it’s the Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry slim bag. Usually, I go out in search of […]

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Best Sling Bag for CCW? INTINI Chest Pouch

Amazon Listing Name: INTINI Sling Bag for Handgun Holster Shoulder Chest Pouch Tactical Concealed Carry Gun Our Color: Black-1 What makes a good sling bag for concealed carry? Is it the price tag? The build quality and construction? It’s features or practicality? In all honesty, it would be all of the above — and also […]

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The Best Compact Bags for CCW on Amazon

Imagine: it’s July (and you live in the northern hemisphere) and you can’t be bothered to tuck in your IWB or in the waistband holster. Plus, you’re already running a few minutes late. Of course, that’s when you throw on your trusted EDC pack which you know to be compact and lightweight – with all […]